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Inspired by the treasures of the mediterranean and the exceptional local gastronomy offered Provence


Brunet House Brothers marries the flavors with passion for more and more new and gourmet creations :


fruits and vegetables of Vaucluse, herbs and spices , Carpentras truffles , cheeses, lamb of Alpilles, Ventoux wines and wines from the Rhone Valley, not to mention the irresistible traditional confectionery ...


A land of endless gastronomic resources , associations of flavors and sun-drenched scents ...

Z.A. Les escampades 

90 rue Cugnot

84170 Monteux

Tél: 04 90 66 33 90


Fax 04 90 66 32 28 

Open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

The restaurant is open every lunchtime from Monday to Friday